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Hot Pepper Chocolate Bars
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Hot Pepper Chocolate Bars

Hot Pepper Chocolate Bars
Sarris Candies
Put on your sombrero and choose your intensity, Mild, Medium or Hot Bars and hold on tight. Sweet meets spicy in these fiery blends of real milk chocolate and flaming Chile Peppers. The Santa Cruz Chile Peppers in our Mild Bar deliver a searing heat to the tip of your tongue, while the creamy milk chocolate soothingly blankets your mouth. For a bigger blast of heat, try the intense yet smooth flavor of our Medium Bar that comes from a skillful blending of rich milk chocolate and pungent Chimayo Chile Peppers. This select New Mexican Red Chile provides a release of sweet and spicy flavor that gives chocolate that south of the border bite. If you think you can handle it, try our Hot Bar enhanced by the fiery acidic heat of the Habanero Chile Pepper. Prized as the hottest edible chile in the world, the marriage of the Habanero and real milk chocolate has a flaming fruitiness that lingers on the palate…down your throat and up your spine. Can't decide? Choose our 3 Pack.

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Our Chocolate contains no Trans Fat!
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