Sarris Candies Custom Box
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Sarris Candies Custom Box

What could be more special than an assortment of Sarris Candies you have personally chosen?

Create your custom box by choosing from chocolate covered whole nuts, creams, cherries and more.
Many of our candies are available in Milk, Dark and White giving you even more options.

Custom boxes are available in 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz. Each candy variety has a different weight so the number of pieces for each selection will vary.

(M) Milk | (D) Dark | (W) White | (M&D) Milk & Dark

1) Select the box weight you would like:

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Assorted Chocolates








 *Ritz® and Turtles® are not registered trademarks of Sarris Candies, Inc. Marzipan styles will vary.

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