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Sarris Candies Today

With Frank’s passing in March 2010, his son, Bill, now serves as President of the company and has taken the experience and expertise handed down from his father to continue the legacy of Sarris Candies. From 1978 through 1996, Sarris Candies underwent nine major additions and expansions to its retail store and factory that assisted in transforming the company from a local business into a corporate empire.  In addition, Bill negotiated Sarris Candies’ acquisition of Gardners Candies, a family owned chocolate company in Central Pennsylvania, in 1997, to further increase Sarris production capacity and outreach.  Bill successfully reestablished Gardners Candies as an entity in Central Pennsylvania, and Sarris and Gardners now work together simultaneously in efficiently manufacturing and distributing product nationwide.  Alongside his mother, Athena, and with the help of other family members, including his sister and brother-in-law, Sophia and Steve Heon, and his daughters, Athena Sarris-Simms and Candace Sarris, Bill continues to position the company to move forward.  While focusing on growth in several areas, the Sarris family maintains the old fashioned values and customer service standards set by the company’s founder. As Bill expands the company into new markets and avenues of sales, he wants to continue to cultivate the image of mom and pop as the company matures, and he is one of the few that has been successful in marrying cult appeal with scale in growing the Sarris brand.

Today the company offers its fundraising programs to local schools and churches and a number of groups and athletic teams.  Along with a generous profit structure, Sarris Candies donates an endless array of product and financial sponsorship to those participating organizations for numerous other fundraising events as well.  With more and more of these groups losing funding sources, Sarris is pushing into the fringes of our traditional service areas, reaching out to provide fundraising opportunities to groups in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond.

As fundraising areas expand, the retail division closely follows, pushing into new territories to feature the most popular items in retail outlets throughout the area.  Sarris Candies can now be found in over 1,200 locations in more than 10 states.    

The Sarris mail order business that began with the publication of the first catalog in 1985, has grown in many directions over the years, currently leading faithful Sarris customers to an expanding website, making access to Sarris chocolates possible worldwide.

Corporate sales feature a sophisticated array of gifts that hundreds of companies send to their customers, associates and employees each year to impress or say “Thank You.”  Personal attention to detail and customization is what makes Sarris stand out. 

At any given moment, people all over the United States are concurrently experiencing the Sarris brand, be it through the 2nd grader selling for his school fundraiser, the woman who picks up an affordable indulgence for herself at the grocery store, the man shopping for that last minute gift at Hallmark, the elderly woman picking up a prescription at CVS, the busy mom shopping online who wants chocolate delivered right to her door, or the business man looking to give his clients a sweet gift of appreciation. In today’s world of accelerating product proliferation, endless customer choice and growing variety in the marketplace, a great brand is a necessity, not a luxury. Taking a long term approach, a great brand can travel worldwide, transcend cultural barriers, and speak to multiple consumer segments simultaneously.  Capitalizing on these points, Bill Sarris recognizes the potential of offering Sarris’ products in a greater realm and in different facets of the business in order to reach a broader audience with added customer convenience.

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